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Fairfield U. Mentor Program is a 501c3 non-profit organization designed for children ages 12-18 in the Fairfield community to provide mentorship and educational opportunities. Mentees meet with their mentors at least 2 times a month. Participants will meet once monthly for group educational sessions, along with at least once a month for individual mentor-mentee sessions. Mentees meet with their mentor at the AD Lewis Center to discuss academic progress, help with homework, or to simply talk about the mentee’s general well-being. Mentees are required to complete an end of the year project with their mentor to be presented at an end of year ceremony. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate of completion. All of our mentees receive a monthly stipend rewarding them for their participation.  Further, each month the mentee attends their required meetings, money is set aside for them. These funds are disbursed at the end of the year ceremony upon graduation of high school. This stipend is designed to assist the mentee with college and/or career training or needs of living. As mentees participate in successive years, certificates for multiple-year participants will be awarded. 75% participation and completion of end of year project are required to obtain certificate. 

Program Founder and Director - Jacob R. Kilgore


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Students meet at least once per month for educational experiences and activities with their mentors. These sessions are conducted at the AD Lewis Center or Mountwest Community and Technical College,  Mentees also receive ACT and SAT test prep tutoring, materials, and study sessions.

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Participants complete community service projects alongside their mentors, including but not limited to: cemetery restoration, clothing drives,  a program ran community garden 



All Fairfield U student participants are paired 1:1 with a medical student mentor. Mentors and mentees meet one to two times per month in addition to their education sessions. These meetings consist of homework reviews, tutoring, community service activities, general well-being check-ins, and interview/resume guidance.



Fairfield U participants will also have fun by participating in cookouts, exciting activities, special guest appearances and speakers, and more.

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 Fairfield U. provides nutritional support and assists families in finding appropriate health care resources

Program Founder, Chief Director, and President: Jacob R. Kilgore, M.D.

Current Board of Directors

Advisory Council

Assistant Director:

Austin Loop, 4th Year Medical Student at Marshall Univ. - Vice President

Associate Directors:

  • Mariah Morris, 4th Year Medical Student at Marshall Univ. - Secretary

  • Tristan Burgess, 4th Year Medical Student at Marshall Univ. - Program Aide

  • Taylor Fleshman, 4th Year Medical Student at Marshall Univ. - Program Aide

  • Maria Hill, Director of AD Lewis Center

  • Duron Jackson, Huntington City Council, YMCA Director

  • Dr. Shelvy Campbell, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, Marshall School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy

  • Dr. Jacob T. Kilgore, Asst. Professor, Marshall Pediatric Infectious Disease 

  • Sean Hornbuckle, WV House of Delegates, District 16

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